Version 0.2

Starting to become stable and useful.


Released on 2015-01-12


Released on 2014-10-27

  • Fix a bug where multiple runs in the same Python session would break
  • Count errors properly in verbose map mode
  • Automatically call setrlimit when a mem_grab resource specifier is given


Released on 2014-07-10

  • Documentation updates
  • Remove redundant console output


Released on 2014-04-11

  • Keep track of what servers are running to prevent duplicates being started
  • Allow specification of pickle and marshal protocol versions
  • Refactor __init__’s map_sync into map_async, get_results and map * note that `map_sync` is now `map`
  • Handle task errors in the top level map and get_results functions
  • Tidy examples somewhat

Version 0.1

Early work.


Released on 2014-04-04.

  • Port is now selected at random by default (instead of 7676)
  • Removed fear-specific default ge_opts
  • Swaped to Marshall protocol 2 so 3.4 doesn’t get sad, but still using Pickle protocol 3 so Py3 hosts won’t be able to talk to Py2 workers yet
  • Added ssh_keyfile option so a specific passphraseless SSH key can be used
  • Added HTTP Basic Auth to HTTP requests


Released on 2014-04-04.

  • Documentation improvements
  • Actually release to PyPi, which got skipped for 0.1.8


Released on 2014-03-21.

  • Swap to Paramiko for SSH usage. Much nicer.
  • Swap to urllib rather than Requests. A pity, but removes the dependency.
  • Fix Tornado starting from inside IPython Notebook.
  • Clients now print out their results so GridEngine can save it in the .o files


Released on 2014-03-21.

  • Fix Py2 by using list() instead of list.copy()


Released on 2014-03-20.

  • Fix tests for namespace serialisation.


Released on 2014-03-20.

  • Fix bug where ge_opts would be appended to every map_sync call
  • Fix bug where functions in the request namespace only got a copy of the namespace so global imports etc would not work


Released on 2014-03-20.

  • Improve test coverage

  • Refactor all default values to sheepdog/

  • Improved defaults:
    • Use ~/.sheepdog as the default working directory on the remote host
    • Use /usr/bin/python instead of /usr/bin/env python as this confuses GE
    • Quote user-provided shells in case they contain a space


Released on 2014-01-21.

  • Change package layout to remove subpackages, because flat is better.
  • Improve docstrings.
  • Refactor serialisation to its own module which is used throughout Sheepdog.
  • Store job files in ~/.sheepdog on remote server


Released on 2013-12-05.

  • Adds the Requests package to requirements as you can’t actually run the local code without it.


Released on 2013-12-04.

  • Adds Python 2.7 compatibility by frobbing some bytes() in the sqlite stuff.


Released on 2013-12-04. First release.

  • Contains sheepdog.map_sync(), the first top level utility function, plus the basic underlying sqlite storage and tornado/flask web server bits.